The Importance of Taking a Rest Day

Just as movement and proper nutrition are important, the importance of taking a rest day is essential. Rest doesn’t just include the time one spends sleeping or not working out. It means taking a full day off to hydrate, eat properly and take a short break, especially when doing heavy workouts. A rest day shouldContinue reading “The Importance of Taking a Rest Day”

Workout Clothes and How to Take Care of Them

I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for great outfits to wear while working out (I hoard leggings) and I do my best to make them last as long as possible, even though I wear them frequently. So where do you purchase great workout clothes and how do you take care of them when on aContinue reading “Workout Clothes and How to Take Care of Them”

Free Fitness Videos Online

Previously, I posted about subscription fitness services that I use but what if a subscription is not in the budget? I’ve got you covered… There are an amazing assortment of free fitness videos online, mainly on YouTube. All you have to do is make yourself a schedule of workouts and get to it! Another benefitContinue reading “Free Fitness Videos Online”

Three Awesome Appliances for Clean Eating and Meal Prep

It’s no secret that one of the easiest ways to be healthy is to change your diet and watch what you eat. It’s a change of mindset and developing a habit that sticks. Isn’t there a quote that says something about making small changes leads to great things? Anyway, I have three appliances that IContinue reading “Three Awesome Appliances for Clean Eating and Meal Prep”

Subscription Fitness Services

Working out from home is the ideal setting. I can honestly say I’ve never worked out in a gym and I’m a personal trainer! But in all honesty, I don’t even create my own workouts. I prefer structure and absolutely enjoy following an instructional video or program. I actually belong to a couple of subscriptionContinue reading “Subscription Fitness Services”

Fantastic Fitness Books to Read

It may sound sort of strange to read books about fitness, but let me assure you there are some fantastic fitness books to read out there on everything from yoga to anatomy. There is even a Navy Seal workout book! These books will give insight as to what the particular exercise does for the body,Continue reading “Fantastic Fitness Books to Read”