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Working out from home is the ideal setting. I can honestly say I’ve never worked out in a gym and I’m a personal trainer! But in all honesty, I don’t even create my own workouts. I prefer structure and absolutely enjoy following an instructional video or program. I actually belong to a couple of subscription fitness services that are affordable (and possibly cheaper than a gym membership) and have really great workouts that produce excellent results!

As a side note, I am not affiliated with these apps in any way. I’m just a happy user and want to share the greatness!

Fitness Blender

I got my start with Fitness Blender. They have hundreds of videos on YouTube for workouts including Pilates, Weight Training, Cardio, Muscle Mass, etc. all for FREE! But if you prefer structure like me, you can purchase a workout plan from their website that includes daily scheduled workouts that list each exercise that will be performed as well as the duration of the workout, the type of equipment used, and tips that are relevant to the program. They do not set the workouts to music but they are super-fun nonetheless! The plans are extremely affordable! They also offer free recipes as well as an exclusive membership called FB Plus. I personally have not used FB Plus, but have purchased the programs – they are so fantastic!

Down Dog Yoga App

The Down Dog Yoga App is an absolutely affordable way to get a structured yoga practice without having to attend a class. There are currently five different apps that are currently under one subscription including Yoga, HIIT, Barre, Prenatal Yoga and Meditation. In the Yoga app, you can change the style of yoga, the duration, slow it down or speed it up, etc. In other words, it can be tailored to YOU! The voice can be selected (male or female, with an accent or without) as well as the type of music. I use this app regularly and it offers a very thorough practice (especially my favorite – Yin!)

Les Mills On Demand

This is my latest and my favorite app… I prefer athletic-based workouts (as opposed to dance or barre) and Les Mills On Demand delivers! There are structured programs to follow, with or without equipment, and you’re guaranteed to work up a sweat during ANY of the videos! The videos range in length (30. 45 or 55 minutes) and include BodyCombat (kickboxing – my favorite!), BodyAttack (cardio), BodyPump (weight training), BodyStep (step aerobics – another favorite) and BodyBalance (yoga-based). To me, this app is absolutely worth the money, the time and the work!

These are the workouts and programs I use, and hope that others may benefit from my experiences! So tell me… Do you have any favorite subscription fitness services that you like to use? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

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